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xana_somedayx21 @ 04:35 pm: so my boyfriend and I have decided after 8 months of a long distance relationship to " take a break". By the time the breaks over, I'll be able to move back to the east coast to be with him. He informed me that since we hardly ever get to see each other, he was loosing feelings for me and sometimes all I seemed to him was a voice on the phone. I on the other hand am still in love with him, but we seem to think that taking a break will resolve things. Just a 3 or 4 month break, still talking as friends, until I can be there with him all the time. We were hoping for something to the effect of realizing that we miss each other too much to only be friends, realizing we need the other person in our life. Hopefully that realization will bring things back to normal? It was painful for both of us, he says he still loves and cares for me but just not as much as he used to, and that taking a break will fix things. I'm just worried that in the meantime before I move over there, he'll find someone else, or even start to feel LESS feelings for me than he does now. so basically in short, he's lost some of the feeling, we take a break till I can be there, because hes already told me he wants to be with me in the future.

has anyone experienced this before, i'm sure at least someone has, so if you can give me any feedback, tell me how things worked out? If not, any comments or suggestions, do you guys think the whole break things a good idea?

please, anything would be great!

<3 much love to you sexies


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Date:June 26th, 2005 04:24 am (UTC)
most anything is possiable.... its just not the common case. What I hear when you say he wants a break but still be friends is he wants to either not feel guilty for sleeping around (or to stop feeling guilty) and keep you on the back burner... I may be wrong.

The thing about relationships is you NEED the physical connection.... even if its just being in the same room, to keep it working properly, otherwise one of the 2 if not both will grow weary of being alone.

I hope hes being true in his reasons for this break... it sounds more like his idea and convensed you to agree. All the same, many people have gone through the trials of a long distanse relationship, no one can honestly TELL you how yours will end up. Just follow your gut, dont make excuses for him and do what you feel is best.
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