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Girls of the World

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jax_girl_babs @ 01:17 pm: asshole.. but jsut as well too.
Ok so the guy that went out of his way to talk to me, then ask me to dinner, and who was suppose to take me sometime this weekend, has drop off the face of Earth >< haven't seen or heard from him sense.. makes me think why in God's name did he bother lol.

Oh well, got to thinking after the initial happy high was over... he lives in GA, has 2 kids, cute or not, um no. not to mention a smoker wich is a turn off ><

so stood up yes, but if he hadn't done it, I probally wuold of stood him up =p


Date:September 9th, 2003 06:26 pm (UTC)
snazz! (livejournal.com/~mixstrat)
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