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Girls of the World

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jax_girl_babs @ 09:26 pm: well Mr one night stand did call a week later... I told him upfront we can chill but i didnt feel like fooling around... he came over and honor my wish.... had a blast and even made plans for the next weekend... wow ok.

so next weekend (which was last weekend) comes and we chill at his friends place watching this god awful movie he loves called kun pow. well I was feeling well in the mood one can say ande I WAS going to invite him back to my place but the stupid fucker gets a call from this girl... (I already know hes seeing other people which is no big deal) 30 min later he wants to drop me home and hang with her ... im like wtf! so I took a tiny chance and was like "ok cool... there is this party in tampa next weekend.. wanna go? lame ass had a 101 reason which weer all LAME and BS not to... so we get to my place and hes like "do you want me to walk you to your apt or are you gonna jet?" Im like " heh naw just go see your friend" and I took off..



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Date:December 15th, 2003 03:56 pm (UTC)
God boys can be such assholes. I am sorry you had ot go throught that crap. as I alway ssay the boys think with the little head too much. You should not have givene him another chance. Then agian thatis me.

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