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Girls of the World

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xana_somedayx21 @ 12:30 pm: do any of you honestly beleive in fate? and that if your meant to be with someone, you will? Please tell me your honest opinions and experiences with it. Because my boyfriend is caught between me and another girl, he loves both of us and can't seem to make his descion. H ewas dating both of us for quite some time and since we're both long distance with him, we never found out about the other. Anyways, I'm so afraid of loosing him. I know what him and I have is special, but he feels just as much for her as he does for me.

I just need some tips on how to get myself through this. I'm trying to tell myself that if we're meant to be together we will be. But if we're not, I honestly can't thik of myself with anyone else but him. He's so wonderful and I don't see how any guy could ever take his place.

tips or help, especially on if fate is real or a bunch of b/s


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Date:October 12th, 2005 07:44 pm (UTC)
no offense, but someone like that sucks ass.
you may love him and everything, but he shouldn't have been dating two girls at once. that's wrong.
that's just my opinion anyway - I'm positive you can find a guy that's better than him, coz he's just taking both of you for an emotional ride
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