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Girls of the World

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dntjudgethisgrl @ 10:29 pm: Ok, So heres my plan. When I become ruler of the world I think we should take all men and lock them up under ground somewhere. There should be 3 groups of men..ugly, ok, and well "i wanna tap that now." The ugly guys should be used for the labor in a all womens world. They can clean stuff, and fix things...n go to war if needed. (most likely not since the world will be run by us) The "ok" guys will be used like blockbuster movies...we can rent one take them out..make them buy us nice things n put them back. N if u really like one...u can buy it. Now the good looking guys will be used when women are ready to have children...get it good lookin children. At night the guys will be locked up n forced to watch womens entertainment!!! whahahaha!! ANYONE WITH ME? lol ( excuse the grammer n horrid spellin ..i know i sux...no need to remind me)

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Date:February 6th, 2006 04:56 am (UTC)


thanks...im still trying to figure out who will rule as vp n so forth lol
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